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Lethbridge Real Estate Agent

Welcome to Mary McLean

If you are looking for a Lethbridge Real Estate Agent

then you've come to the right place!

  Why you need a good Lethbridge Real Estate Agent.

Purchasing Lethbridge real estate requires a professional approach and the help of an experienced Lethbridge Real Estate Agent. Mary McLean makes it easy, and prides herself on customer service, honesty, integrity and a genuine willingness to help her clients.

Fiduciary responsibility. It is very important to realise that when you work with a Lethbridge Real Estate Agent, their fiduciary responsibility is to you. Essentially, this means, they are legally obliged to work in your best interests. You will have an expert working for your best financial interests, and an expert who’s contractually bound to do everything possible to protect those interests. Realtors® must subscribed to a strict Code of Ethics. Mary McLean has the expertise and experience to help buyers and sellers to achieve their goals.


  Lethbridge Real Estate Agent regulations.

Buying or selling a home is a complex business. It is the largest purchase or sale that most people will ever make. Laws change and often vary from province to province. Mary McLean is an experienced Lethbridge Real Estate Agent, and real estate transactions are her only business. Staying current with regulations, laws, and contracts is something she takes very seriously. Once you retain Mary as your Lethbridge Real Estate Agent, she will put that knowledge to work for you.

Help finding the right home. Browsing online through Mary's web site teammiller.ca is a great way to start searching for a new home — in fact, almost 90 percent of our buyers do just that. However, when it’s time to view properties in person, knowing all the pros and cons can help you make the right decision. Mary McLean lives and breathes real estate, and can share information about a home that you may not otherwise know. For example, Mary can advise about construction problems or neighbourhood issues you should be aware of.

Pricing and selling a home. Invariably, many sellers think their home is worth more than it really is. Buyers conversely, often think homes are worth less than they really are. Call it human nature, we all want a deal, until it comes time to sell. Mary McLean knows the local market, has access to the most up-to-date sales price data, and can price a home in line with the market to the advantage of both buyers and sellers.

Contracts and negotiations. This is where a good Lethbridge Real Estate Agent like Mary McLean really shines. Contracts today can be very complicated and many pages long. Mary will help you through these complex documents and create an attractive offer that makes sense for you. When it comes time to negotiate a price, Mary will advise, and be your mentor about the part of the transaction that many clients find stressful.


  Lethbridge Real Estate Agent - Mary McLean

Why not let me help you find your dream home while assuring your best interests are protected throughout the entire process. Feel free to call or e-mail me with any questions you may have at 403-320-6411 or mmclean@sutton.com.

Whatever type of Lethbridge Real Estate you are seeking, Mary McLean will find it for you. Mary can find your Lethbridge Dream Home, a Lethbridge Assumable Mortgage, a Lethbridge Distressed Sale, or a Lethbridge Foreclosure.

A good Lethbridge Real Estate Agent is not just an asset, it is absolutely essential in the competitive market which we have today. When selling a Lethbridge home, your realtor® has to be thorough, diligent and market your property to the utmost of their ability.

Mary McLean, is a well respected Lethbridge Real Estate Agent. As well as the more conventional forms of advertising, she operates three of the most popular Lethbridge real estate web sites on the internet, each receiving hundreds of hits a day. No other Lethbridge Real Estate Agent can match her for internet marketing. Her internet presence includes:

(a web blog).

Using almost any real estate related search term on Google, Yahoo or Bing (the most used search engines), you will find one or more of our web sites on the first page.

If you are new to Southern Alberta and looking for an experienced Lethbridge Real Estate Agent, Mary will be more than happy to provide all the information you need for making an informed decision about purchasing property in our area. The Southern Alberta property market has been very active during the last decade, and looks set to continue as a great place to invest in a home.

Mary's field of expertise is Lethbridge Residential Real Estate and Southern Alberta Acreages and Farms. For other types of real estate, such as Lethbridge commercial property, we will be happy to refer you to a Sutton Group Lethbridge real estate agent who specializes in that type of Lethbridge Real Estate. Sutton Group Lethbridge is the largest real estate office in southern Alberta with over 50 Lethbridge Real estate agents on staff.



A local Canadian Company
with National & International connections.

Number one in
Lethbridge Real Estate Agent Sales.

For more information about
Lethbridge Real Estate Agents,
call Mary McLean: 403-320-6411
E-mail: info@teammiller.ca
Lethbridge Real Estate Agent information, without obligation.


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