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Lethbridge Real Estate

  Purchasing Real Estate in Lethbridge

Lethbridge Real Estate falls into three different areas, North, South and West. Each region has a distinct character and flavour. Residents of Lethbridge usually have a preference for one particular side of town or another, and you will probably be no different.Lethbridge Real Estate Contract

The South Side is a very well established region, with some of the most desirable Lethbridge Real Estate in the city, along with some of the highest prices. South Lethbridge benefits from it's proximity to Henderson Lake Park. This spacious park contains a large lake, and golf course. The south side is preferred by people who want to be close to Lethbridge city center, shopping and leisure facilities. New real estate development is taking place at Fairmont and Coulee Creek, which is adjacent to many new stores, including Wal Mart, Costco and Home Depot.

North Lethbridge Real Estate is also well established, and offers some excellent amenities includes the Lethbridge industrial zone, making North Lethbridge ideal for people who work there. New real estate development is taking place at Uplands and Legacy Ridge. These sub-divisions are starting to push the northern boundaries of the city all the way to Hardieville.

West Lethbridge Real Estate comprises most of the newer real estate developments, with many homes being less than 20 years old.  West Lethbridge benefits from Nicholas Sheran Park with it's attractive lake. New development at Copperwood, West Highlands, Sunridge and Riverstone are adding numerous new properties to the West side of Lethbridge. The Old Man River divides the West side from the north and south side of the city, however, a 6-lane bridge on Whoop-Up Drive, and the 4-lane bridge on Highway 2 (Crows Nest Trail), guarantee easy access to downtown Lethbridge.

  Instant E-mail Notification of New Listings

Purchasing Lethbridge Real Estate can be frustrating, but Mary McLean will do everything she can to make it easy. Mary offers a unique, no obligation free Home Finder Service. This automated system will automatically e-mail you lists of Lethbridge Real Estate meeting your criteria as soon as they are listed. Whatever type of Lethbridge Real Estate you are seeking, we will find it for you. We can find your Lethbridge Dream Home, an Assumable Mortgage, a Distressed Sale, or a Foreclosure. Sign-Up today, and cancel whenever you want without obligation or cost.

If you are new to Southern Alberta and the Lethbridge Real Estate market, we will be happy to provide all the information you need for making an informed decision about purchasing Real Estate in our area.

Mary McLean's field of expertise is Lethbridge residential real estate, Lethbridge commercial real estate, acreages and farmland.

For information or questions on Lethbridge Real Estate and Homes for Sale,
contact Mary McLean TODAY!

Real Estate Information WITHOUT obligation.

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